The Laird of Fintry 2014

Okanagan Spirits will be opening the 2014 Laird of Fintry Lottery on September 1st 2014.

To be a part of the lottery be sure to check back on this page on the 1st of September.

Alternatively follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the link on the day.



The Lottery

Due to a small batch of The Laird of Fintry single malt whisky and high volumes of demand, Okanagan Spirits holds an annual lottery to ensure a fair distribution of the Laird.
Details and conditions are listed below:
  1. By entering the lottery it does not guarantee a purchase but puts the entrant in the running to be a lottery winner.
  2. To qualify for the Laird of Fintry lottery the entrant must be of legal drinking age in B.C. (19-years-old).
  3. An accurately spelled and valid e-mail address and phone number must be provided, this will be the medium of contacting winners. By entering your details you give Okanagan Spirits permission to contact you via phone and e-mail.
  4. Only one entry per person is allowed, multiple entries will be removed. Only one bottle of the Laird is available per winner.
  5. After winners are contacted they have one week to acknowledge their win, if there is no reponse after a week another entry will be drawn for the bottle.
  6. The winner must pick up their bottle of the Laird in person at the Kelowna or Vernon distillery, it can alternatively be shipped to the recipient for a fee.  
  7. Winners must provide valid identification on pick-up/shipping.  
  8. Bottle returns ($4 discount) do not apply to the Laird.
  9. The winners will be notified via e-mail, upon no response they will be contacted by phone. 


lof.bottleshot1.jpgLaird of Fintry
Single Malt Whisky

Our small-batch of Single Malt Whisky was successfully released in the Fall of 2013.

The Laird of Fintry has been crafted from 100% B.C malted barley, fermented and double-distilled in a copper-pot still.

After six years of barrel ageing in French and American Oak, this Single Malt is smooth, non-peated and combines solid forest notes of toasted oak with more delicate tones of vanilla, plum, raisins, caramel and spice. 

RRP: $69.95 for 750ml


This whisky sold out immediately.


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I am impressed with the quality and tradition of your process. Best spirit I have tried in all my world travels.

- Christine Greeno
Kelowna BC