lof.bottleshot1.jpgLaird of Fintry
Single Malt Whisky

Our small-batch of Single Malt Whisky is ready to be released.

The Laird of Fintry has been crafted from 100% B.C malted barley, fermented and double-distilled in a copper-pot still.

After six years of barrel ageing in French and American Oak, this Single Malt is smooth, non-peated and combines solid forest notes of toasted oak with more delicate tones of vanilla, plum, raisins, caramel and spice. 

RRP: $69.95 for 750ml

Laird of Fintry 2013 Lottery

Okanagan Spirits would like to thank all participants for entering the Laird of Fintry Whisky lottery. We had 1,527 entries and just over 200 winners who by now will have been contacted by e-mail.
Future batches will be available in 2014.

Lottery Conditions*
*Only 210 bottles are available from our 2013 batch, purchase will be decided by a lottery style draw. To enter the draw you can register on our website, contact either of our distilleries directly or visit us and fill out a registration form. Your name, telephone and email address is required to participate. All names will be entered into a database before random selection, duplicates will be removed to ensure an equal chance for all participants. Draw to be held first week of October. Our next batch of Single Malt Whisky is set to be released 2014.


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I am impressed with the quality and tradition of your process. Best spirit I have tried in all my world travels.

- Christine Greeno
Kelowna BC. April 2011