Cocktails - Eaux de Vie

A selection of delicious cocktails created in-house by our Okanagan Spirits staff and some of Canada's most creative and well-known bartenders using Eaux de Vies.

A Place in the Sun

A summer cocktail using Poire Williams by the Nightingale Bar in Vancouver

Cherry At Every Port

A complex cocktail ft Okanagan Spirits Vodka and Kirsch Danube EDV

Eastern Orchard

An orchard inspired cocktail featuring a blend of our pear, plum and apple brandy

English Harvest

A citrus yet bold cocktail featuring our Old Italian Prune EDV and Gin

La Mort et L'Exil (Death and Exile)

An award-winning cocktail using Okanagan Spirits Canados and Sea Buckthorn Liquer

Marilyn Monroe

A cocktail created for the legendary Marilyn Monroe using Canados (Calvados)

Norman Infusion

Complex and tasty Haskap liqueur, Canados and Okanagan Spirits Gin

Okanagan Pear Sour

A twist on a Gin sour using Poire Williams (pear brandy) and fall spices

Okanagan Rose

A blend of apple brandy (canados/calvados) with a blushing of Grenadine

Okanagan Summer

A summer cocktail with mango juice and Raspberry EDV

Pear-fect Pairing

A delicious savoury pear brandy cocktail


A pear-inspired cocktail using Poire Williams EDV and our Gin


This Raspberry cocktail combines Gin, Rhubarb and Raspberry EDV

The Canados (Calvados) Cocktail

Taking an Okanagan twist on a French Calvados classic