Cocktails - GIN

A selection of delicious cocktails created in-house by our Okanagan Spirits staff and some of Canada's most creative and well-known bartenders using Okanagan Spirits GIN.


Blackberry Bramble

Delicious Blackberry paired with lemon and Okanagan Spirits Gin

Blackcurrant Drop

Okanagan Spirits Gin and lemon juice finished with a 'drop' of Blackcurrant

Dill or no Dill

A spicy cocktail using Aquavit (Akvavit), Gin and dill

Distillers Cocktail

A cocktail complex in flavour with the use of Aquavit and Gin

English Harvest

A citrus yet bold cocktail featuring our Old Italian Prune EDV and Gin

Gin and Tonic

A classic, made expertly with our Gin and Fentiman's Tonic

Gin and Tonic Revival

Were bringing Gin and Tonic back in style with a twist

Gin Caesar

A twist on a Caesar using Gin and fresh horseradish

Gypsy Circus

Take a ride with Okanagan Spirits Gin and Grapefruit Balsamic Vinegar


Refresh with Cucumber, Cardamom, Ginger Beer and Gin

Lasting Thyme

A creative cocktail featuring cherry liqueur, and Gin

Norman Infusion

Complex and tasty Haskap liqueur, Canados and Okanagan Spirits Gin

Northern Star

Gin and a touch of Elderflower Liqueur make this a perfect spring sipper

Okanagan Buckshot

A combo of Sea Buckthorn Liqueur, Taboo Absinthe and our Gin

Okanagan Pear Sour

A twist on a Gin sour using Poire Williams (pear brandy) and fall spices


A pear-inspired cocktail using Poire Williams EDV and our Gin


This Raspberry cocktail combines Gin, Rhubarb and Raspberry EDV

Rocket Richardonnay

A Gin and Vodka inspired cocktail with maple syrup

Rotary Dream

A mild fruity cocktail with Cranberry Liqueur and Gin

Sea Buckthorn Eurasia

Inspired by Eurasia with Seabuckthorn Liqueur, Gin and Ginger Beer

Seal the Dill

An award-winning cocktail using dill, Sea Buckthorn and Gin

Sunshine Mule

A twist on the classic moscow mule using Gin and mint

Tom Collins

A classic using Okanagan Spirits Gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda

Water of Love

A romance of Okanagan Spirits Gin, Aquavitus and Taboo Absinthe