Cocktails - VODKA

A selection of delicious cocktails created in-house by our Okanagan Spirits staff and some of Canada's most creative and well-known bartenders using Okanagan Spirits Vodka.


Cassis Crush

A fruity cocktail using Vodka and Blackcurrant Liqueur

Cherry At Every Port

A complex cocktail ft Okanagan Spirits Vodka and Kirsch Danube EDV

Drunken Cherry Lemonade

A spiked Cherry Liqueur and Vodka Lemonade


A martini with fennel, fig and Okanagan Spirits Vodka

Moscow Mule

A classic Moscow Mule using Okanagan Spirits Vodka

Okanagan Fruit Union

A union of our Raspberry and Blackberry Liqueur with Vodka

Raspberry Martini

Impress with our signature Raspberry Liqueur, Vodka number

Rocket Richardonnay

A Gin and Vodka inspired cocktail with maple syrup

Summer Cosmo

A refreshing summer Raspberry Liqueur, Vodka and cranberry cocktai


A perfect summer cocktail with Vodka and a hint of thyme