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Absinthe is a simple drink to prepare and all you need is two parts ice cold water to one part Absinthe.

Once water is added to Absinthe, it mixes with the oils of the Anise and turns the original green liquid cloudy. This is called the louche.

The adding of the water will also release the intricate aromas captured within the spirit and reduce the alcohol percentage making the drink a much more enjoyable experience.

Adding of Sugar

Many consumers believe that Absinthe should be poured over a sugar cube and set on fire before adding water. This is a very contemporary way of serving Absinthe and not one that is needed for Taboo.

The sugar was added for sweetness and to remove the harshness of marginal quality Absinthe. Super-Quality Absinthe (such as Taboo) does not require sugar.

We at Okanagan Spirits recognize that the serving of Absinthe for some is all about the ritual, but we advise caution when igniting 60% alcohol as it may cause injury. A safer way to add sugar would be to use a balancier or an Absinthe fountain.

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