Okanagan Spirits Aquavit

AQUAVITUS (AQUAVIT/AKVAVIT) (750ml - 42% alc/vol)


Aquavit   (Akvavit “water of life”)

Take a trip through the history books and you will find that almost every country had its own version of this spicy spirit - the only surprise is that our Canadian Aquavit shouldn't have taken so long in coming.

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery distills an award-winning Aquavit that has been embraced by the local Scandinavian community and others who enjoy this aromatic 42% alc./vol. spirit. 

It's quality was affirmed at the World Spirits Awards held in Denmark in 2015 where it earned a Double-Gold in the 'home of Aquavit.'

What is Aquavit?

Aquavit is a vodka-style spirit infused with aromatic herbs and spices to give a distinctive flavour characterized by a dominance of Caraway and Dill, our version also includes Anise, Fennel, Coriander, and Juniper.

This spirit is the first choice for Scandinavian festive celebrations, especially Christmas, where is consumed neat, chilled served in small shot or tulip glasses and sometimes served alongside a cold pint of beer.

Accompanying the Aquavit is usually a meal of pickled herring or smoked salmon or a fine roast.

Aquavit is claimed to aid in digestion (“help fish swim down to the stomach").

Aquavit in History

The history of Aquavit dates back to the early 1500’s, when at that time the spirit was claimed to have many medicinal properties. 

Today there are numerous styles of Aquavit such as Norwegian aquavit which is sometimes aged in barrels and then transported by ship across the equator several times to barrel instill additional flavours.

Future endeavours for Okanagan Spirits Aquavit may include finding a volunteer to row a barrel of our Aquavit once or twice around Okanagan Lake. 

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery has entered our Aquavit in the 2015 World Spirits Awards event in Koge, Denmark.  It will be interesting to follow how we fare in the country where Aquavit originated.  

World Spirits Awards Tasting Notes:

Fragrance: Full of nuances, elegant variety type, very aromatic, fresh and spicy, slightly peely and waxy, citrus, orange peels, anise, caraway oil, fennel, dried bitter herbs, vanilla-like, nutty, somewhat floral, some rye bread. Taste: Typical style, powerful caraway note, delicate spiciness, dill, star anise, pleasant bitter notes, somewhat minty and menthol-like coolness, spicy and nutty, mild, tight and harmonious, persistent finish. (95.7 points - Double-Gold)

$40.00 (does not include tax)

“This Canadian aquavit is excellent. I would rate it a 9/10. A fantastic pairing for pickled herring.“ - Oluf Folkersen President Danish Brotherhood

“Rich and hearty with the essence of caraway, more velvety than the boring Aalborg that we used to buy... A world-class aquavit.” - Jurgen Gothe