Moondog Bitters

Created by Bittered Sling, Moondog bitters are the perfect addition to add a smoky enhancement to your Old Fashioned or Manhattan Cocktails.

 Moondog Bitters

"Howl at the moon. This aromatic extract is alternately smoky, earthy, rich and complex. Moondog is at its best when used as a bridge between ingredients, especially those with oak/cask maturation, and adds a rich herbaceous character to simple flavour combinations.

Beverage recommendations: This extract is most notable in a classic sour or as an addition to dark spirits. Other classics like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Boulevardier love Moondog, too.

Cooking recommendations:
 Some of our favourite cookies are meringues and our extracts stand up well to its low heat application of egg white baking. The Moondog extract transforms into a gingersnap with bite! Use Moondog as a smoky finishing touch to a sauce, a chocolate cake or a vegetable soup!"

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