HUCKLEBERRY LIQUEUR (375ml - 24% alc/vol)

Okanagan Spirits' limited release Huckleberry Liqueur is made from wild craft-picked black Huckleberries from the Arrow Lakes in the Monashee Mountain range of B.C. 

Huckleberries are not commercially grown and typically only bear fruit under ideal growing conditions.  The wild crops vary significantly in size from year to year depending on how late frosts may have diminished pollination of the flowers to more recently where dry drought-like conditions have reduced the overall crop to minimal. 

This year (2015) our craft picking crew and the bear population identified a bumper crop of huckleberries growing in a higher moisture mountain area.

Both the bears and picking crew mutually ignored each other as there was a bountiful supply of huckleberries for both groups. Harvesting Huckleberries this way we should have a long term sustainable practice.

$40.00 (does not include tax) 


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