RASPBERRY LIQUEUR (375ml - 24% alc/vol)

Our signature raspberry liqueur - this flavourful spirit captures you in its aroma before even touching the taste buds, and delights you with just what you anticipated, a taste of fresh crushed raspberries.

Created using 100% BC raspberries it is ideal for those who crave a natural sweetness, our raspberry liqueur is the go to Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery gift and rightly so!

(World Spirit Awards 2013 & 2015 - Gold)

$30.00 (does not include tax) 

Raspberry Liqueur

World Spirits Award Tasting Notes:

Fragrance: Highly ripe intensity of aromas, drop-like raspberry fruit, fresh citrus and lime mix, delicate cooking notes, some vanilla, kernel-like and nutty, marzipan-like, slightly cinnamon-like. Taste: Fresh raspberry juice, citrus-orange mixture, candy associations, jammy and nutty, some green spiciness, lemon balm, perfect sugar and acid balance, long, aromatic finish. 94.7 Points (Gold)

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