SEA BUCKTHORN LIQUEUR (375ml - 24% alc/vol)

What is Sea Buckthorn?

A small berry usually found on a thorny shrub that is known for it's ancient healing properties.

Is Sea Buckthorn good for you?

Packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients, in particular, Vitamin C and E, Sea Buckthorn berries were given to Russian cosmonauts before going into space to protect them from the effects of radiation.

It is mostly found in health food stores in the skin care and hair care aisles due to its rejuvenating healing properties, in fact its Latin name translates to shiny horse as it was a remedy for growing healthy horse manes in ancient times.

What does it taste like?

Feel refreshed as this super-berry surprises you with bursts of citrus and undertones of honey.

Needless to say the unique flavour of Sea Buckthorn is out of this world and ideal for the liquid chef, the healthy imbiber and the curious.

Serve it up with a platter of cheese or pair it with a spicy ginger beer or citrus soda to bring back summertime.

Our Sea Buckthorn berries hail from Midway, B.C. 

(World Spirit Awards Klagenfurt, Austria 2010 - Silver)

$40.00 (does not include tax)

Seabuckthorn Liqueur

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