Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky (Scotch) (40% alc/vol) 


laird of fintry single malt whisky Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery saw over 4,500 people enter the Laird of Fintry lottery in 2015 for a chance to purchase one of our exclusive 1,500 bottles released.

The lottery will return this year (2016) with another anticipated batch of around 1,500 single malt whisky bottles.

We encourage all whisky enthusiasts to sign up to our newsletter where you will be the first to hear of the lottery opening along with any specialty releases throughout the year of our Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky and our other varieties of whisky.


Terms and Conditions of Lottery


Due to a small batch of The Laird of Fintry single malt whisky and high volumes of demand, Okanagan Spirits holds an annual lottery to ensure a fair distribution of the Laird.

  • By entering the lottery it does not guarantee a purchase but puts the entrant in the running to be a lottery winner.

  • The lottery is open until Sept.30, winners will be announced Oct 2.

  • To qualify for the Laird of Fintry lottery the entrant must be of legal drinking age in B.C. (19-years-old).

  • An accurately spelled and valid e-mail address and phone number must be provided, this will be the medium of contacting winners. By entering your details you give Okanagan Spirits permission to contact you via phone and e-mail.

  • Only one entry per person is allowed, multiple entries will be removed. Only one bottle of the Laird is available per winner.

  • After winners are contacted they have one week to acknowledge their win, if there is no reSponse after a week another entry will be drawn for the bottle.

  • The winner must pick up their bottle of the Laird in person at the Kelowna or Vernon distillery by Nov.30, it can alternatively be shipped to the recipient for a fee.  

  • Winners must provide valid identification on pick-up/shipping.  

  • Bottle returns ($4 discount) do not apply to the Laird.

  • The winners will be notified via e-mail, upon no response they will be contacted by phone.

  • The Laird will retail at $65.22 

About the Laird

Produced in small batches using 100% B.C. malted barley, B.C.’s oldest craft distillery releases the exclusive Laird of Fintry 'Scotch-style' Single Malt Whisky only once a year through a lottery.  

Is it Scotch?

Yes! Unfortunately the term 'Scotch' is native to Single Malt Whiskys produced in Scotland.
As we are a 100% BC distillery our Laird of Fintry goes by the title 'Single Malt Whisky'

Flavour Profile

After years of barrel-aging in French and American Oak, this Single Malt is smooth, non-peated and combines solid forest notes of toasted oak with more delicate tones of vanilla, plum, raisins, caramel and spice. 

World Spirits Awards Tasting Notes:

Fragrance: Typical aromas, candy ester type, wild berries, raspberries, bananas, a lot of raisin, subtle grain, sherry cask accents, green nuts, light nougat, vanilla. Taste: Multi-faceted, very fruity abundance of aromas, berries, pears, grapes, malt and cream candy, raisins, vanilla, malty sweetness, some green and tart wood, good tightness and length. (90 points - Gold)

Why 'The Laird of Fintry'?

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery wanted to pay homage to the Okanagan when naming its Single Malt Whisky.

'The Laird of Fintry' title is based on the true story of James Cameron Dun-Waters, the ‘Laird’ of Fintry estates in Fintry, BC, who in the early 1900s ordered a special batch of personally labelled Single Malt Whisky (Scotch) from his homeland Scotland.

Using a replica of the original label, Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery wanted to honour the history of whisky in the Okanagan.

In turn, it also supports the ‘Friends of Fintry Society' with an annual donation to help maintain the original property of The Laird.