Okanagan Spirits VODKA

What is a craft Vodka?

To the Okanagan Spirits Family, 100% BC Craft means starting with locally grown grains and fruits to carefully create an ultra-premium spirit that tells a story of the local terroir.  From careful cultivation, through to the attention to detail in the grinding, milling, ferment, and distillation, we believe in doing everything on-site, to ensure that we control and monitor every part of the process.

To give our community of Vodka enthusiasts more than just one option, we have created two fundamentally different 100% locally crafted vodkas to choose from.  For the traditionalists out there, we present our Essentials Line Vodka.   This ultra-premium Vodka starts its life in the field and has our locally grown grains as it’s base.  And for those vodka connoisseurs who are looking for something uniquely Okanagan, we offer you BC’s Original apple based vodka, our Family Reserve Okanagan Vodka.  This amazingly smooth vodka is born in the orchard, and has local Okanagan apples at it’s core.

These amazingly smooth spirits are both distilled to the unparalleled level of 96.4% alcohol in our state-of-the-art 50 plate Copper Pot Still to achieve absolute purity.  One of only two stills of it’s kind in North America, this marvellous still allows us to convert perfectly ripened Okanagan grains and apples into two of the worlds smoothest craft vodkas.

We confidently invite you to experience the essence of the Okanagan Valley expressed in our two ultra-premium Okanagan Valley Vodkas. 


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