Essential Vodka.jpgOkanagan Spirits Essential Collection VODKA (750ml - 40% alc/vol)

Our premium 100% field-to-flask Vodka is handcrafted at our flagship distillery to showcase the Okanagan terroir. 

The journey begins with the annual grain harvest, just a few kilometers from our family distillery in Vernon.

We then hand-grind, ferment, and distill on-site at both locations (Vernon and Kelowna) using alembic copper pot stills including a state of the art, 50-plate, copper-pot still to ensure absolute purity.

When you taste our 100% locally crafted vodka, you’re tasting the Okanagan Valley expressed as an ultra-smooth spirit.

This is the new frontier for premium handcrafted BC Vodka. Experience the exceptional.

$40.00 (does not include tax)

*Our Vodka bottles are etched in Vernon, B.C with real gold in the 'VODKA' labeling. These bottles are eligible for a bottle return with a reward of $4 towards your next purchase at either of our Kelowna and Vernon locations.

What is the Essential Collection?

The Essential Collection by Okanagan Spirits is a selection of three mainstream spirits, essential to any home or professional bar.

Handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada, using Copper Pot stills, we offer a range of premium Whisky, Gin and Vodka. 

These premium distilled spirits can be enjoyed neat or over ice, alternatively they can be used as the essential base for a creative cocktail. 

Gin and Vodka gluten-free*


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