BC Hopped Whisky

(750ml - 42% alc/vol)

In 2014, our distiller released our first ever beer-inspired whisky - BC Hopped. Two years on, this popular whisky is making its return, the barrels are being bottled as we speak and the release will be out just in time for Easter 2016!

Once again Cascade hops linger almost hidden in the background.  The hops enter the portfolio right at the very beginning of whisky wort production and the resultant hop components are those that travelled through the two distillation steps to resting in  freshly emptied  Jack Daniels Bourbon barrels and then a final sleep in a selected B.C. Wine Barrel.

Our distiller is a fan of traditional craft distilling methods, where subtle flavours and aromas develop through the fine distillation steps and as the spirit ages in barrels, not the “in your face” over-powering flavour and aroma methodology. This is a whisky to be explored for its various aromatic and flavour components.

Last release 2016. Sold-out.