BC Peppered Pete Whisky

(750ml - 42% alc/vol)

Peter describes the new release from his fun collection of Final Proof whiskies as “new and unusual - for those who want to push the palates.”

“Preparation of the B.C. pure ingredients included partitioning and incineration of Kelowna-sourced Peppers. After being perched on the Distillers barbeque, the peppers were purged (burnt) of all moisture and permitted to be rendered to an ash-like state.

“A pleasant but young Okanagan Spirits single malt whisky was then infused with the pepper ash and poured into a prepared local wine barrel which permeated essences of the Okanagan,” says Peter.

The latest edition of the Final Proof series is a prominently oaky, partly peppery and smoky blended whisky at 42% alc. /vol.

Last release 2015. Sold-out.