BC Woodfire Whisky

(750ml - 42% alc/vol)

Okanagan Spirits Woodfire Whisky is our second release of small batch craft whisky in our Final Proof Master Distiller Series. 

This interesting copper pot distilled whisky is a blend of single malt barley whisky, wheat grain whisky and a splash of our rye whisky.  Bottled at 40% Alc./Vol. this is a spicier but smooth whisky, complex in tastes from the three grains used, and beautiful in colour derived solely from final aging in a series of local VQA winery French Oak barrels.

A fun whisky to be sipped neat to peruse the blend of tastes and textures. Not for purists, but great for whisky adventurers.    

Last release 2014. Sold-out.


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