Okanagan_Spirits_Rye_Whisky_Canada.jpgOkanagan Spirits RYE WHISKY(40% alc/vol)

The 2016 Batch is now SOLD-OUT

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is pleased to release its 2016 BC Rye Whisky. This proudly Canadian whisky exemplifies the spirit of the west with a smooth yet spicy mix of good old Western Interior sass.

With a blend of 51% Coldstream Valley Rye, and 49% of our locally malted BC Barley, this three year-old hand-crafted Rye is aged in Jack Daniels Bourbon barrels and then cut with our secret source of local deep well-water.

Distillers Notes:
“Spice and oak undertones clearly define the Rye along with Bourbon provenance drawn from within the charred oak of the barrels. 

A subtle smoke undertone swirls around a backdrop of charred caramel and toasted oak delight.

The rich colour and flavours of the Rye, garnered by the length of time spent resting in a barrel in our dry local Okanagan climate, makes BC's Original Rye an exceptional addition to the top shelf of any whisky connoisseur's cabinet. "

It's Rye, it's ours, and it's proudly Okanagan! 

$65  (does not include tax) (one per customer)

What is the Essential Collection?

The Essential Collection by Okanagan Spirits is a selection of three mainstream spirits, essential to any home or professional bar.

Handcrafted in British Columbia, Canada, using Copper Pot stills, we offer a range of premium Whisky, Gin and Vodka. 

These premium distilled spirits can be enjoyed neat or over ice, alternatively they can be used as the essential base for a creative cocktail. 

Gin and Vodka gluten-free*